Learning how to reduce property taxes at HCAD is as easy as watching a couple of informative videos.  Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD), the largest appraisal district in Texas, has gone to great lengths to inform homeowners about how to appeal their property tax if they disagree with their property tax assessment.

HCAD Building

Directions to HCAD Building | Address –
13013 Northwest Fwy
Houston, TX 77040

Below you will find a series of informative videos from HCAD covering topics pertaining to how to dispute your property tax appraisal, what to expect at a property tax hearing, new online HCAD programs, and changes in the property tax process.

HCAD’s Informative Videos | Help with Protesting Property Tax

  • Challenge of Appraisals – The scope and complexity of Harris County is unlike any other. Harris County contains over 2,000,000 property parcels.  As you would expect, appraising of all this property presents some challenges. If you feel your property tax assessment is unfair, the law provides the right to protest your home value to ensure you’re taxed fairly. Our web-based property tax calculator helps you quickly find out if you are a candidate for tax savings, so you don’t waste time with the property tax appeal process if you don’t have a case.
  • I-File and I-Settle – How to File a Property Tax Protest Online in Harris County
  • Residential Informal Meetings – Information about Informal Hearings / Meetings with an HCAD Representative to settle your dispute.  Get tips for an ARB Hearing here.
  • Homestead Changes – Video about changes made to the homestead exemption application process.  Learn how to file a property tax exemption here.
  • Communicating with HCAD – There are four ways you may contact HCAD: via email, telephone, walking-in, or first class mail.
  • Neighborhoods in Transition – Certain neighborhoods require special consideration during the appraisal process. Properties located in redeveloping neighborhoods are often subject to the appraisal concept of “Highest and Best Use”, which requires property to be assessed at it’s most profitable and practical use. This concept is illustrated by the example of a typical buyer purchasing a home and tearing it down. The land holds all the value and is best suited for redevelopment. Learn more about how residential property tax protests impacted values across many Houston neighborhoods here.

How to Obtain Evidence to Reduce your Property Taxes – A Informative Video