Lower Property Tax in 3-Steps


Step 1: Check your Property Tax Appraisal:

Step 2: File a Property Tax Assessment Protest with your county appraisal district:

  • It’s easy to file a Property Tax Protest with your appraisal district. Many Texas appraisal districts now offer online property tax protest services.

Step 3: Claim any and all Property Tax Exemptions you’re eligible for:

  • Ensure you’ve claimed all applicable exemptions which include the General Homestead Exemption, Over 65, Disabled Person Homestead, Surviving Spouse (of someone with Over 65 or Disabled), Disabled Veteran with 100% Disability, Disabled Veteran or Survivor (not limited to residence only). A homestead exemption reduces the amount of property value that is taxable and has a significant impact on lowering your property taxes. In Texas, you automatically qualify for a general homestead exemption if it is your principal residence (no rent houses) and you occupied the home as of January 1 of that year. All you have to do is file for the exemption. Filing is free, and as simple as filling out the form and sending it in. If you think you might qualify for a residential exemption that you have not claimed, contact your appraisal district to find out more information.

Below are websites of appraisal districts that will handle your property tax appeal in the Houston-area.

[DKB url=”https://secure.propertytaxreduction.com” text=”Am I Overpaying?” desc=”” color=”orange” title=”30-second tax evaluation” type=”normal” style=”gradient” height=”10″ width=”130″ opennewwindow=”no” nofollow=”” textcolor=”white”]