The HCAD Property Tax Protest Season is finally over, and the Harris County Appraisal District has released its certified property tax values for 2012 (valuations following the property tax appeals and hearings).

Below are some highlights from the 2012 HCAD Property Tax Valuation Report:

  • 58.37% of Residential Appraised Values were unchanged from 2011.
  • 10.00% of Residential Appraised Values were increased over 2011.
  • 31.63 % of Residential Appraised Values were decreased from 2011.
  • Property Tax Protest totals are down about 15,000 to 272,675; Fewer individuals challenged their property tax assessment in 2012. This is likely because the values were not increased as heavily as some prior years so fewer individuals were unhappy with their property tax assessment. However, in 2013, we expect 2013 residential property tax assessments to increase significantly, so it’s important you monitor your assessed value and check if you have a case for lower taxes using our Property Tax Assessment Evaluator: Should I File a Property Tax Protest?
  • Harris County Taxable Values were up 1.58% from $275 Billion to $279 Billion.
  • Residential Property represents 41.91% of the property tax base; Commercial 24.60%; Apartments 7.07%
  • New Construction is up .90% from 2011 to $3.48 Billion

See what’s happened to property tax valuations in Houston and your neighborhood:

The map on slide 7 of the window below gives you a snapshot of property tax assessment activity in your neighborhood. Green indicates a decrease in assessed value and red indicates an increase in assessed value. Most of the valuation increases came in the Memorial area and west side of Houston.

Certified Property Appraisal Values 930AM