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How do you determine if my home may be over-assessed?

Below are the 5 standards of evidence we require for a “Yes” Protest Recommendation.

  1. We must find substantial evidence. A property evaluation must identify five or more comparable properties demonstrating inequity with how your home and others are assessed on a per-square-foot basis.
  2. Comps must have similar physical characteristics. Comps chosen for inclusion must closely resemble the subject by meeting a strict set of size, age, and grade parameters.
  3. Comps must be nearby. Comps must be located within the boundaries of the neighborhood code assigned by the Appraisal District to the subject property.
  4. Comps must be adjusted. Comps must be properly adjusted to account for differences in condition, age, and grade before being considered as evidence.
  5. Significant potential reduction must exist. The Median Value of the qualified set of adjusted comparable properties must support potential tax savings that exceed the purchase price of the Evidence Package.

We will not recommend a protest if any one of these five standards are not met. These requirements ensure that only qualified individuals pursue an appeal and is how we can offer our money-back guarantee. If you don’t meet these standards, you’ll see the following:

should i protest my property taxes






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