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Why Protest Property Taxes

Filing a property tax protest is an important step in minimizing the cost of owning real estate in Texas. Each year, appraisal districts assess property for taxation purposes as of January 1st. This assessment fluctuates up or down primarily based upon sales activity over the preceding 12-18 months. These sales comps may initially appear to be good indicators of value for your property, however, a proper review may show otherwise. A property tax protest gives you an opportunity to participate in the appraisal process by providing input that may help obtain a reduction.

A protest simply involves planning a strategy and presenting evidence that the appraisal district may not have fully considered when valuing your pproperty. Many appraisal districts allow you to submit evidence online in-lieu of an informal hearing, without affecting your right to appear at a formal (in-person) hearing if an agreement is not reached. The entire property tax appeal process is certainly worthwhile to pursue on an annual basis given that historically we've achieved reductions 70-80% of the time.

When you consider that a simple $10,000 reduction in assessed value equals roughly $250 in savings, one can see how the dollars can quickly accumulate as larger reductions are achieved. Whether you’re looking to hire a Property Tax Consultant, or, if you prefer to appeal your property taxes on your own, we have a solution for you. By offering Full-Service Property Tax Appeals (where we attend your hearing for you), as well as Evidence Packages (for the Do-It-Yourself types), we have a unique set of options that fit every need. Sign-up online, or learn more about your case by running a free Property Tax Evaluation using the above form. We look forward to working with you and helping you keep more of your hard-earned money!