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Whether you’re looking for a turn-key, Full Service Appeal, or simply need a report to help you save, we have a solution for you.

Property Tax Reduction Reports

Say goodbye to crunching numbers yourself, and get proven tax appeal evidence in minutes.

Start by simply entering your address to scan your neighborhood for savings.

If the data indicates you’re over-assessed, you’ll download a report guaranteed to:

  Win Your Protest
  Maximize Your Savings
  Save Hours of Work 

-No Risk Guarantee-

Your report is guaranteed to lower your property tax appraisal, or your money back. If the appraisal district’s Market Value for your property is not reduced after completing your formal hearing, we’ll give you a same-day full refund on your purchase price. Email us a copy of your ‘Order Determining Protest’ (which you’ll receive from the Appraisal Review Board) showing no reduction in your market valuation and your refund will be isused immediately.Property Tax Reduction Guarantee




Full Service Appeal

We tailor your appeal to highlight the facts that best maximize your savings. We accomplish this by using advanced tools and databases which allow us to analyze many data points. This depth of research plays a significant factor in the size and frequency of our clients’ reductions.

Equally important is how we approach the hearing process. We believe it’s crucial that the individual who handles your hearing is highly familiar with your property and all related facts. Rest assured that the entire appeal process is done in-house by our team of experts who understand which arguments to make in every situation. We look forward to preparing your case, attending your hearing, and aggressively negotiating on your behalf.