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Considering HCAD’s iFile & iSettle system?

HCAD iFile and iSettle are Harris County Appraisal District’s online property tax protest platforms. iFile is used to file your protest and iSettle is used to settle your protest.

Many homeowners lack the time to appear in-person for both the informal & formal property tax hearings. HCAD’s iFile and iSettle provide a more convenient option for homeowners by replacing the standard Informal face-to-face hearing, while still preserving your right to attend the formal hearing. ┬áLearn more about protesting property tax online at the links below:

HCAD iFile & iSettle information
www.hcad.org/ifile –
File your protest online

www.hcad.org/isettle –
Settle your protest online

owners.hcad.org –
View Completed iFile Protest
View iSettle Result
View HCAD Hearing Evidence
View Appraisal Notice
View Scheduling Notice
View ARB Release Order

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