Find out if a home tax appeal makes sense for you

Houston area property assessments remained relatively flat in 2012, but we anticipate many homeowners are more likely to see their property assessed values increase in 2013. We forecast these increasing property tax appraisals to generate more value appeals, as many homeowners attempt to deflect some of the initial “sticker-shock” that may arrive with their 2013 assessed value from the appraisal district.

So, you may find yourself asking “Should I protest my property taxes?” – Well, unless you work in the real estate industry or are keeping a pulse on Houston property value trends, it can be difficult to know if a tax protest is warranted.

Our free property assessment evaluator is like your personal property tax advisor. It lets you know if your home assessment is fair by giving you a “Protest / No Protest” decision based the availability of evidence that could be helpful in lowering property taxes.

Check your mailbox this March and April for the arrival of your property appraisal notice. If your assessment increased, use our property assessment evaluator to find out if an assessment appeal might be a good option for you.

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