Save big by Protesting your Property Tax Appraisal on your own

Reduce property taxes online, by yourself, with PropertyTaxReduction.com. In 2013, property tax assessments are expected to increase (likely more than we’ve seen in recent years). It’s critical to dispute your property tax assessment if you feel your assessed value is too high so you don’t overpay.

PropertyTaxReduction.com provides homeowners with a cost-effective, quick and easy way to obtain evidence needed for a property tax reduction.  The system builds a comprehensive report in minutes and backed by a money-back guarantee if no tax savings are achieved.  Upon entering your address, we’ll comb through thousands of property tax records to calculate if property tax appeal makes sense for you.  If there’s evidence to support your case for lower property taxes, your report is instantly made available for purchase.

Simple Property Tax Appeal procedures are provided for each of the 5 Houston-Area counties below:

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