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How it Works | Property Tax Appeals Made Easy

Step One

Enter Your Address

Find out instantly if you have a case for lower property taxes.

Step Two

Get your appeal evidence

Purchase and download professional Property Tax Reduction evidence in minutes.

Step Three

Submit it to your Appraisal District

Submit your report online, via mail, or in person as evidence for a tax reduction.


Step 1 detail | Are savings likely for you?  We’ll let you know – Free.

If solid evidence is found to support a reduction, we’ll recommend a protest.  If we don’t find sufficient evidence, we’ll let you know up-front that a protest is not recommended.

Step 2 detail | Build & download your report.

Our system will search assessment and market value data of properties similar to your home.  We perform hundreds of calculations to find the best evidence for your property tax appeal.

Step 3 detail | Send in your evidence.

Your Property Tax Reduction Report is provided immediately after checkout. A copy will be sent to your e-mail, along with an appeal summary and simple instructions for submitting it to your appraisal district.  We’ll walk you through the whole process.  You can choose to:

  1. Submit your report online.
  2. Mail it in.
  3. Go in person.

The appraisal district will review your evidence and issue you a valuation decision.