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We attended the 2013 HCAD property tax consultant meeting in March to gain more insight into the Houston Real Estate Market and learn about property tax valuation trends in Harris County.



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Property tax assessment increases were dealt to many residential properties in 2013. The average percent increase grouped by market value is seen above. Higher valued homes experienced steeper increases, while some homes under $80,000 actually saw valuation decreases overall. If you have already received your property tax assessment notice in the mail and believe the increase is disproportionately high, it’s recommended you participate in the protest process.

Common questions about property tax protesting:


How are property taxes calculated?

Your tax-assessed value multiplied by your total property tax rate is the basis for the amount you pay each year in tax.  Other factors such as exemptions can impact your tax liability as well.  (View a list of jurisdictions and Harris County Property Tax Rates)

How do I protest my 2013 property taxes?

Enter your address in the above form, or click here, to see if challenging your property tax assessment is recommended.