The HCAD website provides a wide range of resources that help explain the appeal process in Harris County.  Particularly helpful are a series of videos made for homeowners seeking property tax relief.  These videos explain topics such as using iFile and iSettle to protest property tax online, residential informal meetings, challenging appraisals at the ARB, and how to file a homestead exemption.

HCAD Appraisal Codes:

If you have questions about how your property is rated, you can refer to the Building Grade Adjustment and Physical Condition explanation.  These ratings are based on appraisal experience but are largely subjective.  If you disagree with the grade assigned to your home, we recommend describing it in our ‘Factors & Considerations’ section of your Property Tax Reduction Report. Additionally, it’s always helpful to provide pictures to show why you think your property rating is inappropriate.

HCAD Forms:

HCAD provides a variety of downloadable forms.  Residential exemption forms, Notice of Protest forms, and other HCAD forms are made available for download on HCAD’s website.

How to Pay Property Taxes:

Many property owners make the mistake of trying to pay property taxes at HCAD.  It’s important to note that HCAD does not accept property tax payments.  Property owners should visit the Harris County Tax Office website for information about paying property taxes.

HCAD Property Maps:

HCAD property maps are useful for identifying parcel boundaries, researching neighborhoods, and determining parcel size/acreage.

HCAD iFile evidence:

An iFile is HCAD’s report used to determine the value of your property.  It contains ownership information, a legal description, property information (Square footage, year built, grade, neighborhood, ect), and comparable properties used to determine your home value. When you file a property tax protest, you are disputing the valuation that was established by this evidence.  A successful property tax protest relies on you providing on evidence of your own that proves to be more logical or accurate in establishing your home value.  It’s important to note that in order to view your iFile, you must have your HCAD property account number and iFile number, which can be found on your Notice of Appraised Value, which typically arrives in early April.

More Property Tax Help: