Property tax assessments for the 2014 tax year will be mailed out beginning in late-March.  It’s important to keep an eye out in the mail for your Notice of Appraised Value, since your home’s assessment is the basis for the property taxes you owe.

Upon receiving your Tax Appraisal Notice, you’ll need to know whether or not your assessed value is reasonable and correct.  Since appraisal districts must appraise every taxable property in the county, they rely heavily on mass appraisal techniques.  As a result, homeowners often disagree with the assessed value placed on their property.

Our service is completely web-based, and designed to help you do two things.  First, we perform an independent evaluation of your property’s tax assessment to check if your property tax assessment appears to be reasonable or excessive.  If we find evidence indicating the latter, for a small fee, we provide the evidence needed to counter the appraisal district’s excessive valuation in a property tax protest.

Property tax protests are conducted annually online and in-person primarily throughout the summer months.  In the vast majority of cases, a homeowner armed with logical, credible evidence will be successful in reducing their property taxes.  Click to find out if a property tax protest could save you money.