Top 5 Property Tax Protest Tips for 2014:

  1. First, know the strength of your case. You can quickly run an Instant Evaluation to find out if there’s evidence that supports a reduction.  
  2. Take the best approach. There are two circumstances where you may not even need our Evidence Package.
    1. If you recently purchased your property (must be within the last 12 months) for less than the appraisal district’s valuation, you can provide a closing statement indicating your purchase price, and in the vast majority of cases you’ll be successful.
    2. If you have a recent appraisal (must be within the last 12 months) from a certified appraiser and it supports a lower value than the appraisal district’s valuation, you’re likely to get some property tax relief by providing this as your evidence.
  3. Include Pictures with your evidence package.  Provide even more data by including pictures showing the condition of your home. If you are trying to prove your home is in worse condition than the typical home in your neighborhood, it is always helpful to have photo evidence to back up your claims.
  4. Need Home Repairs? Provide a bid. It’s definitely helpful to describe needed repairs to the appraisal district, but it’s even more powerful if you can provide a bid to show exactly how much it should impact your valuation.
  5. Learn the protest process. Familiarize yourself with the deadline to protest property taxes (May 31) and understand the appeal process. You have two opportunities to reduce your property taxes. If the appraisal district does not make an acceptable offer at the Informal level, your case goes to the Appraisal Review Board (ARB).

Keeping track of the deadline can be hard.

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