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What is the difference between my “Appraised Value” and “Market Value”?

Your “Market Value” represents what the appraisal district believes your home could be sold for on the open market as of January 1st of the tax year in question.

“Appraised value” is the actual amount that taxes are levied against to determine how much you pay in property taxes. In most cases, if you have a homestead exemption and your market value increased by more than 10%, the appraised value is a 10% increase from the prior year’s appraised value, unless there have been improvements to the property, i.e. remodeling, new pool. This increase will continue each year until the appraised value reaches the market value. Typically, unless there was a miscalculation in the increase (i.e. not 10%), the appraised value will only be changed if the market value is decreased beneath the appraised value.

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