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How are property taxes calculated?

Below is an example of how property taxes are calculated, assuming no exemptions apply, for a home appraised for $300,000 with an estimated tax rate of 2.5%:

Your Home Assessment Your Tax Rate Your Property Taxes
$300,000 x 2.50% = $7,500

As an example, assume you entered your address, and data supports a market value of $265,000, rather than the appraisal district’s assessed value of $300,000:

Our Indication of Value Your Tax Rate Your Property Taxes
$265,000 x 2.50% = $6,625

The value supported by our data is $35,000 less than the appraisal district’s assessment. A $35,000 difference multiplied by a 2.5% tax rate equates to $875 in potential property tax savings:

Assessment Reduction Your Tax Rate Potential Tax Savings
$35,000 x 2.50% = $875
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