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Property Tax Consulting Services

PropertyTaxReduction.com helps Houston-area homeowners lower property tax online.

Our online platform provides the tools needed for homeowners to fight high property taxes without needing to hire a Property Tax Consultant.   Our property tax appeal services are provided for the following counties:

Enter your address when you receive your 2013 Initial Value to find out if you have a case for lower property taxes.

Over-paying property taxes is a problem many homeowners face every year. But, did you know… You have an opportunity to reduce the taxes you owe by filing a property tax appeal?

Introducing… PropertyTaxReduction.com. A simple, efficient method for reducing your property taxes. Most people lack the expertise and resources to put together a compelling property tax appeal by themselves. Some try hiring a Property Tax Consultant to handle their appeal, but find the expense can often negate much of their tax savings.

PropertyTaxReduction.com works by equipping YOU with a custom property tax appeal report containing all the data you need to reduce your property taxes… Often saving you HUNDREDS, sometimes THOUSANDS of your hard-earned dollars. And it’s risk-free. If your property taxes aren’t lowered, we refund your payment in-full.

Here’s how it works: Go to PropertyTaxReduction.com and enter your address on our homepage. Our system combs through thousands of property records to calculate your home’s value based on a variety of factors. If the data supports your case for lower property taxes, we’ll help you build your custom appeal report which considers 3 separate valuation methods.

You’ll choose between submitting your appeal to the appraisal district online, via mail, or in person. It’s that easy! We’ve streamlined the whole process and it takes just a few minutes. Get started on your path to saving money! Enter your address and find out how much tax savings could be awaiting you… At PropertyTaxReduction.com! Learn more: How to protest property tax online.

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